Welcome to Pileang

website of our company consists of several parts, Below you will find the different parts where our company consists of

Software and Webware

Titel of Software and Webware

This divisions builds and develops software.

  • Windows software.
  • Webbased software (e-commerce, blogs etc).
  • Plugins for different open source packages like WordPress, Magento etc.
  • Custom-made software in Delphi, PHP. mySQL and Javascript.

We deliver ready-to-launch software, but we also develop custom-made requests like add-ons, special websites etc.


Titel of Trading

This part of our organization is specialized in trading:

  • Webshopmanagement and maintenance.
  • Mediator (middleman) for wholesale between you and the Thai market in both directions.
  • Direct-market for or with our customers.
  • Our webshops, where we offer products from our customers.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the Thai market, we are the ideal connection between the customer and these organisations.


Titel of Consultancy

This part of our business specializes in supporting European organizations to do business in Thailand and vise versa. Like:

  • Finding a wholesaler or supplier.
  • Documentsupport (translating or gathering the correct government documents)
  • Help and guidance in setting up a company in Thailand.

Because we operate from Europe aswell as Thailand, we can be your perfect eyes and ears for your companies ventures abroad.


Titel of design

The division specialized in DTP and design:

  • Designing anything from logo’s to leaflets to complete branding of the corporate identity.
  • Designing complete websites.
  • Editing or adapting upon existing images.
  • Making of patterns and templates.

Do you have any specific wishes? Please do not hesitate and contact us.